ASHI Instructor Development Course (IDC)


The goal of this course is to provide new ASHI instructors with a strong foundation in teaching knowledge and skill and to provide current ASHI instructors in continuing their education. The objective is to help you develop confidence and competence to teach, evaluate, and certify participants in ASHI Training programs.

Course Length:
This course is presented over three in-person meetings of 4 hours each for a total 12 hours. You must also complete an online module which includes the written exam totaling an additional 4 hours.

Intended Audience:
This course is designed for New instructors with little to no previous teaching experience and Current ASHI instructors whose teaching certification has lapsed, or required to complete additional training.


Current Certification in CPR/AED (to the level you wish to teach)

Required Materials:
ASHI Instructor Development Course Student Handbook (included)

Lifeguard Trainings Inc. is offering an ASHI Instructor Development Course (IDC) to take place throughout the state of Texas. This class will require meeting for 12 total hours. This is a Blended Learning class and requires the completion of an online module prior to the first in-person session. The payment for this course is non-refundable.

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